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By Steven Boergadine

Brother, a novel written by Steven Boergadine, marries traditional dramatic action to today’s conversations around family, loyalty, and culture. Two kids, Johnny Bagley, a rich white boy, and Li Chong, a poor Chinese boy, become known as the American Dream Brothers as their brotherhood and boxing accomplishments in the amateurs become well known around the world. Li Chong’s initiation into gang life and subsequent kidnapping by a Chinese crime family that pumps him with steroids and diminishes his cognitive abilities deeply affects Johnny, whose own life deteriorates into alcoholism and loss.


The story’s arc, centered around their descent into separate and painful darknesses, is one to which readers of all ages, ethnicities, and socio-economic classes will relate. The personalities readers meet along the way provide a range of character traits and perspectives—by design, encouraging all to keep thinking of the heroic nature of true friendship brought to it’s ultimate culmination.

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It becomes a movie in your head
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You'll like reading Brother

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